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All paintings sold on this site are originals by Thelma Batchelor and are sold mounted (but unframed) unless otherwise stated. Postage and packing within the UK is included in the price below. Thank you for your support and happy browsing. If you have any questions regarding the paintings please Click Here.
June 2019. NEWER PAINTINGS are shown towards the end of the FOR SALE section.

CARDS are selling well. Many of my paintings are now reproduced as CARDS and can be ordered in packs of 5. Each card has an inspirational quote added on the back. If not specifically indicated, please contact me to let me know which cards you would like to order and how many.

As with many people, I started to paint as a hobby a few years ago when my children had grown up and left home. I first experimented with watercolour but for about the past five years I have been painting in acrylic. I love using colour with acrylic, which suits my artistic skills best.

I have lived on different continents, and having spent three years in the Solomon Islands and nearly nine years in Nepal, I have been able to study some of the culture of these very different countries and observe many beautiful aspects of the people and their surroundings.

In the Solomon Islands I was inevitably captivated by the beauty of the Pacific seascape, the lagoons, the giant pineapples, the wavering coconut palms, the vast tropical rain forests, and the brightly coloured birds that flew into our garden. When in Nepal I would often go trekking, enjoying on occasion the hospitality of the Nepali people, sometimes being entertained in their traditional native rural houses in the surrounding hills below the distant mountain peaks. Painting landscapes depicting such beauty has become a real joy to me.

Fortunately I have been able to sell many of my paintings, and many hundreds of my cards with reproductions professionally copied from the paintings, and I like to donate profits from the paintings and cards I sell to a worthy cause which reflects the principle of the oneness of mankind.

I am a member of Leatherhead Art Club and I also belong to a local painting group near my home in Surrey. I will generally begin a painting when at the art group, then more likely finish it off at home on the dining room table! I enjoy reading, history, and playing tennis.

I am a Bahá’í, which is the world’s newest major Faith and which entails a belief in the unity of all nations, races and religions. The essence of the Bahá’í teachings is love, unity, harmony and peace, reflecting the essential message of all spiritual truths. Consequently I enjoy spending much time with my Bahá’í friends both at home and around the world. Several times I have been fortunate enough to have visited Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel, the spiritual and administrative Centre of the Bahá’í Faith, truly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on earth